TV Vlaanderen HD vs Telenet HD

TV Vlaanderen broadcastst Eén HD and others. Apparently Eén HD is only 720p where others (like Discovery Channel) is broadcasted in 1080i, which is a noticeable difference, no?

The reason, someone told me, is that Eén HD on Telenet HD is actually 720p too, because Telenet just uses 720p for all its HD transmissions…

I’ll look into it further, don’t take this as ‘the thruth’, but use it as a guidance to be cautious and to not just believe everything Telenet tells you ;-)

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  1. niobos says:

    As you correctly state, there are currently two popular HD standards: 720p/50 and 1080i/25. Most European broadcasters have chosen their format for a variety of reasons ranging from technical to commercial. VRT has settled for 720p/50. VTM picked 1080i/25.

    There isn’t as much difference as you’d think: On an perfect still image, 1080i/25 does indeed provide a higher resolution. On moving picture, that drops to 540 lines, due to the interlacing. Bell Labaratories has researched that the on average, the “interlace factor” is 0.6, yielding 648 lines; less than 720p/50.

    Additionally, when viewed from a distance more than 4 times the image height (not diagonal!), the human eye can’t see additional details beyond 720p.

    By the way, until a few months ago, Telenet got the 720p signal from VRT, crossconverted that to 1080i and broadcasted that signal instead. I was told it’s due to their set-top boxes being unable to play 720p.

  2. Geoff says:

    Either way, TV Vlaanderen is better, you pick the signal up right out of space, telenet converts it multiple times before it gets to your TV screen :-)

    By the way, I think Telenet is too expensive, if you take a brighter look you can get digital tv, internet and phone a lot cheaper:
    -TV vlaanderen >> 9.90€/month
    -Base internet (download without limits!!) and phone >> 35€/month

    But i’m getting off topic now :-)

  3. bram says:

    I too think Telenet is too expensive, and they just released their new formulas… even a little more expensive.
    I’m running Dommel‘s Cityconnect, first year only €14.95/month, fixed IP, max 24Mbit/s down and 3Mbit/s up speed :d
    Running great :d

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